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Kun Lun Pai Martial Arts, located at 7265/9 Lowell Boulevard (Westminster, CO), was opened in 1995 by Mr. Keith Moffett. Kun Lun Pai Martial Arts has a 4,700 square foot facility dedicated to bringing you the very best martial arts training has to offer.

The primary focus of training at Kun Lun Pai is self defense through the arts of Chinese Kun Tao and Indonesian Pentjak Silat. The school offers a variety of additional programs, including classes on Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Grappling. Sparring is available in group classes and on Saturdays. The training at Kun Lun Pai is thorough and practical, ranging from empty hand self defense, weapons training, and includes applications of the traditional art for use in competition. Kun Lun Pai has trained several fighters for successful competitions including MMA. Kun Lun Pai Martial Arts is the only school where the fundamentals of this type of Kun Tao Silat can be learned.
Most people train in a combination of group and private classes. Different training programs are available, and private class times are scheduled for your convenience. Please see our contact page for additional information.


Mr. Moffett has been training in martial arts for over 30 years, has been teaching Kun Tao Silat for over 15, and is the only senior instructor under Willem deThouars to have opened a school teaching exclusively KunTao Silat as the primary self defense art.


- Began training in the Denver area in 1976.
- Started training Kun Lun Pai Kun Tao Silat 1982.
- Awarded Teaching Certification Kun Lun Pai KunTao Silat 1992 “Guru Muda” under Sigung Willem deThouars.
- Opened Kun Lun Pai Martial Arts Westminster Colorado 1995
- Achieved Guru Sifu Certification 1996 under Sigung Willem deThouars
- Presented with “Lineage Holder” Certification Kun Lun Pai Kun Tao Silat 2000
- Law Enforcement Edged Weapons Tactics Certification (L.E.E.W.T.) 2000
- Developed Law Enforcement Arrest Control Tactics Program (X System) October  2000

Taught Federal and State Training Classes:

- Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T.) F. C. I. Englewood, Co. 2000
- Federal and State Agencies Trained;
- United States Department of the Treasury: Customs Service 2000
- Received Certificate of Award
- United States Department of Justice: Marshall Service 2000
- Received Certificate of Appreciation
- Federal Air Marshals Denver International Airport 2001
- Department of Energy Security Team 2002
- Created Advanced Combat Entry Systems (A.C.E.S.) 2002
- Milliken/Johnstown Police Dept. 2002
- Adams County Sheriff Dept.2002
- Federal Air Marshall Program Minneapolis Minn. 2003
- Special Forces Group 5th of the 19th Watkins Co. 2007

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